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Some of Our Exclusive Products


Convict Jams

Made to the same recipe and cooked in the style of our convict ancestors.
Manufactured at our bakery using mostly local produce, these jams are a taste sensation with unique flavours developed with the help of our staff. Our Apples, plum, pears and peaches are grown in Ross while our Apricots are sourced from Kirkwood’s Orchards near Richmond.
Flavours include our Gold Medal winning Orange & Whisky Marmalade plus the Silver award winning Apricot, Ginger & Brandy Jam, and our new flavours Pear and Leatherwood Honey, Apple and Raspberry and Peach and Vanilla.

Convict Coffee

Produced by Oomph Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee, a Tasmanian owned and operated family business established in 2003. Tasmania is home to artists and boutique producers of fine food and drink, in the tradition of skilled craftsmen – seeking perfection rather than mass production – Oomph! has brought its skills as multi-award winning master roasters to the supply of coffee for the discerning coffee lover.

Our culture is driven by personal pride in everything each of us does for our customers and also by a deep-seated respect for every customer and a passion for fine Tasmanian produce. We are delighted to have our Convict brand associated with such a great Tasmanian Company.

Devil Bites

These Australian made boiled lollies are handmade in the old fashioned style and are bottled by us at the bakery. We have tricked them up with a great Tassie Devil label that is very popular with visitors to Ross. They capture the flavours of yesteryear with a devilish twist!

Dress it Up

Caramelised Balsamic Dressings enhanced with the flavours of Tasmania. These dressings will add a new element to salads and many other recipes.
Cooked in the bakery at Ross they make a great present for a loved one, or take one of the fabulous flavours home to use for your own use, choose from Chilli, Ginger, Garlic or Raspberry Balsamic Dressing. For those less adventurous we had a plain Caramelised Balsamic dressing which we also serve on all of our salads in the tea-rooms.

Tas Bee

We source our honey from Paul Kempnich at Peppermint Ridge.

Peppermint Ridge is a Tasmanian owned business that operates in the southern part of Tasmania.

We are a small honey producer with approximately 15 hives, the bees from these hives forage the pastures of Grove in the Huon Valley in Spring. They collect nectar from clover, blackberry and early in the season which we label “wildflower” honey. We then extract this honey and prepare the bee for the move into the southern forests in Tasmania

Early in December we move the hives down to the Arve area that is situated south of Geeveston on Forestry land (near the Tahune  Airwalk and Hartz Mountain), there they collect nectar from assorted Eucalyptus trees , Christmas bush and tea tree in early summer which we labelled as our “Bush “ honey, once we see the bee starting to bring in the Leatherwood honey into the hive we quickly extract all the “Bush” honey  leaving all the hives empty and ready for flow of Leatherwood which normally runs from January through to March. At the end of March the hives are stripped again and ensuring we leave enough honey for the bees to use throughout the autumn and winter, we also use another location in the Picton area which boarder the world heritage area, this site produces the best Leatherwood but only used very late in the season due to the higher altitude.

These hives will then be returned to the grove site to lay dormant until spring again, and then the whole cycle repeats itself.

Jasper Chocolate

Imported Belgian Chocolate recognised as one of the finest in the world, is used for all of our chocolate products.
The fillings for our chocolates have been developed by our very own chocolatier. These fillings rely heavily on Tasmanian produce. All of the chocolates are made by hand and even the Turkish delight in the Rocky Road is made on the premises.
The caramel fudge which was developed by our chocolatier is exceptionally good and has a strong following.
Our chocolates and fudge have both been judged by the Hobart Fine Food Awards and been awarded with Gold Medals.